Scones Clothing Company has two parts: the blog and the clothing company.

The Blog
We are a native Detroit company, so we love to promote fashion and companies in the area that are really sweet. We love to promote models that are on the rise. We like to find people on the street that are fashionably forward. We love to find companies that are making Detroit, Detroit. Scones is in the community near and far.

Of course we keep up on the latest trends, so there is plenty of info on how to bring those trends to you. Finding discount pieces, finding fashion designers on the rise, and telling you where the best stores are; are just some of the things you will find. Finding out where those celebrities get those amazing clothes, and posting the latest info from the biggest fashion events of the year.

We also talk about the stuff in fashion that everyone loves to know; the sour stuff. The bad deals, the bad brands, and the bad trends must be said. Telling you which companies don’t deserve your cash or your fashionable eye is a must. We feel telling the celebrities when they need to get a new stylist is a sour pill that has to be taken. We’re talking about everything in fashion here and we’re not holding back. Why should we? Taking a bite of fashion can be sour or sweet.

The Company
This is an idea in the making coming to you soon. We make designs that are fresh, urban and unique. Each of these designs will represent a political, humanitarian, or social statement; anything that has to do with people in a situation that need help. The designs are sold and the proceeds got to a worthy charity or organization that is fighting hard against the designs message. We’re starting off with t-shirt designs, but we definitely want to grow into a brand. How will all of this work? For example; shirts that say “End World Hunger” will have proceeds that go to Feed America.

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