January Model of the Month: Tina Eva

    A sweet girl with a bit of a wild streak. Those are the first thoughts that come to mind when looking at this model of the week. She has these bright eyes that leap from the page, and a kind face. But after asking some questions, and going through the portfolio, you see she’s no girl next door. She’s not some girl who will fit an any one box. She is sweet, yet strong, smart, and cannot be tamed. That’s why Tina Eva is January’s Model of the Month.

    395041_429511377098638_474843666_nScones Clothing Company: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet right now?
    Tina Eva: The black classy dress; always perfect for any occasion.

    SCC: How would you define your personal style?
    TE: I define my personal style as classy but risqué. I like to present my style as classy and elegant, but I also like to take risks. I don’t do the usual stuff. I like to be different that anyone else as I represent my unique style.

    SCC: Tell me a little about yourself. Where were you born? What’s your educational background?
    TE: I was born and raised in city Krasnik, Poland. I moved to Unites States at age 15 with my parents and brother. I graduated from Sterling Height High School as a member of the National Honor Roll Society, and started college in at Oakland University as an art major. Currently I am getting two degrees in Fine Arts at Oakland University and also Bachelor in Dental Hygiene from University of Michigan.

    579073_432509756798800_707511326_nSCC: How long have you worked as a model?
    TE: I’ve been working as a model since I was 21 years old. Before I was just focusing on rebuilding my whole portfolio, make sure I have all the pictures, and be ready to go to modeling agencies and step closer to modeling industry. 2013 was the busiest year of my modeling career. I had a lot of opportunities to shoot for local magazines such as Metro You Magazine, Barcode Magazine. I even did an international Magazine – Keel, to represent Mariposa’s Clothing and Accessories as the Brand Ambassador of the clothing store.

    SCC: When did you decide to start modeling?
    TE: I have been always very passionate about fashion, art and modeling since I was 5 years of age. I started later than most models. I was found by a photographer on Facebook, and asked if I would like to be a model for her vintage wedding style photo shoot contest. After that photo shoot, I was asked by other photographers to shoot with them; and slowly I started to work on my modeling portfolio.

    SCC: What was your first show?
    TE: My first show was back in 2011 for Grand Opening for Flirty Fashions Store in Partridge Creek. I was supposed to act like live mannequin standing by the window. At the end of the night I did my first catwalk for Flirty Fashions.

    SCC: What do you like most about being a model?
    TE: My favorite part of being a model is to be dolled up by make-up artists, hair artists, and dressed by different stylist to play different roles/characters for different assignments/projects.

    59754_470177136365395_1188855878_nSCC: What is your favorite thing that you have modeled?
    TE: Everything thing about this industry is my favorite. It doesn’t matter if I have to model for fashion shows, or have print/magazine shoots. Everything about modeling is exciting and fun. I love to play different characters for different shoots. But if I have to choose it from my favorites, I have to say my favorite project was to play cat women.

    SCC: I know one of the great things about doing a show is you get to try out some really cool products. Anything beauty or hair products that you totally love now?
    TE: I have to say I am in love with the vintage clothing. Vintage represents elegance, classiness and also appeal as maturity. I love to use vintage in my style to represent classy and elegance, which you barely can see nowadays. I am in love with the vintage dresses and jewelry pieces.
    I am very thankful for Maria Furquim who let me be one of her models to represent her as brand ambassador model.

    6722_473713792678396_311363118_n-1SCC: What do you like least about being a model?
    TE: Least about modeling what I like it to watch my weight and try not to gain any pounds.

    SCC: What are your goals in the fashion industry?
    TE: My goals in fashion industry are to be successful model and push myself farter to experience the full spectrum of the fashion and modeling world.

    SCC: If you could model for any brand, who would it be? Why?
    TE: My deepest dream is to model for cosmetics such as MAC, Dior and Max Factor.

    1230101_554902467892861_1926143636_nSCC: What do you think makes you stand out?
    TE: I think what makes me to stand out is my European look. I have very unique, unusual beauty. Not something you see today. Regardless I am the emotional side that I try to show the gracefulness and elegance nowadays. Also my height is making me unique I am only 5’6’’ who I want to show that you do not have to be 5’10’’ to be a successful model. I believe my unique, classy and risky style makes me stand out. I am a very busy, passionate, person who loves to model and follow their dreams.

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