You Cannot Be Miss America If You’re Not White?! Hmm…Good to Know

As a woman of color, I know there is a portion of the world who will never see me as beautiful. It is not because of my intelligence level, or my taste in music, but the color of my skin. To some, I will never be good enough. That’s not surprising. Last night, Nina Davuluri, a woman of Indian descent won the title of Miss America 2014. That’s not surprising either. What is surprising are the amount of racial tweets on Twitter right now calling her a towel head, Miss 7-11; saying that only white people, like Miss Kansas Theresa Vail, are allowed to be Miss America. Well, no one told me that.

Is it crazy that the only post I could find about the newly crowned Miss America that did not talk about the ‘racial implications’, or the ‘stereotypical racial Indian quotes’ was the press release on the Miss America website? Only one post to congratulate Davuluri on her win and boast of her accomplishments in a positive light? Does anyone want to talk about the fact that she is a college graduate from the University of Michigan, or hopes to go into cardiology? I just find it ironic that Davuluri chose the platform Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency. We need it now more than ever.

I hate, absolutely hate, when someone shows superiority, or creates segregation in any way. I wanted to write this post as soon as I heard the news, but I knew I might go on a rant if I just wrote how I felt. I think the best way to show why I feel what I feel, is to show you some of the tweets. Some of the worst I chose not to promote, not because I am afraid of them; but talking about such racial ignorance in that light would only give it power.


What would I like to say to this girl? I would sit her down, give her a cup of tea, maybe even offer her a cookie, let her get settled, and then go into this: With all do respect, you are white. If anyone is talking about being a full-blooded American, it certainly is not your heritage. Davuluri is American, born in Syracuse, New York and living here her entire life. Her parents are immigrants, and have become very successful physicians.


I think if this person got their head out of their ass for more than twenty seconds, and actually read information about Davuluri, they could see how off base they are. Davuluri is Indian, not Muslim or a descendant of Middle Eastern descent. The base religion in India is not Muslim or Christianity, it is Buddhism. Seriously people, pick up a book; or better yet, just use Wikipedia. They seem to have more facts than these people.

The newly crowned Miss America is American…I never understand people who say that others cannot be American based on heritage or names. I think, “Did these people never pick up a history book?” The only people who are indeed AMERICAN and have the right to say that are Native Americans. I am surprised Native Americans have not started a revolution to get us all kicked out…I think she, as well as many other contestants this year in the Miss America pageant, show how the face of what we show as beautiful in this country is changing. We are a nation of many colors, and it is time we highlight all of them.


….It is ironic how racist people, or people who are about to make racist stereotypes always say, “I’m not racist”, or “Not trying to be racist.” I know the reason they do not want to say that is because the perception of segregation or belittling someone based on the color of their skin is starting to be seen as wrong; as it should be. I wish people like this would just own it, don’t hide who you are for more likes on your tweets. Yes, this is America, a land where people come for racial and political freedom. I guess thanks to people like this, there is no such place.

I hope Davuluri sees this post and knows that I understand. All those racists tweets cannot take away the things she has. It does not take away her beauty. It does not take away that fact that she attended one of the best schools in the world, The University of Michigan ( Go Blue!). All these racist tweets and all these blog posts can just keep on tweeting, ranting, and raving. They will never get what they truly want, and that’s her crown. Sorry guys, it will sit on top of her head, because her beautiful college graduate, Indian-American self deserved it.

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