It Cost Too Much to Dress Eco-Friendly = Urban Wear

I always scold my family when they take the easy way out; buying the cheap $2 greasy chicken instead of buying the $10 organic baked chicken, but when it comes to clothing I realized that I do the same thing. How can you not? I’m paying for my college education by myself; I can’t afford to spend $35-$75 for a skirt. As soon as I walk into a store I’m walking to the clearance rack. Is that bad? Hell no! I’m broke! I actually want to find some cute eco-friendly clothes you can wear on the street, or in the club.I knew this would be a challenge. Many companies are eco-friendly,and many are fashionable, but rarely do they go hand in hand. I actually managed to find a few labels that I would consider urban and not yoga chic. Fashion Biters, I’ve tried my hardest to find you some eco-friendly, fashionable, stylish, chic, and yes, a little preppy clothing for your closet that will not leave your wallet howling in pain.

27671569_050_bUrban Renewal by Urban Outfitters
If you are a person between the ages of 13-30 and have never thought about going in this store, you are lying! We are millenials; we love to look like we did not try that hard to look that damn cool. Urban Outfitters is perfect at making it appear everything we buy from the store is not produced in mass. For those of you that want to appear to be a vintage wearer, pretend no more. The Urban Renewal line at Urban Outfitters only uses vintage fabric and surplus textiles. That means it’s been lightly used and it’s a fabric that will not rip after one wear. The line also has a few lovely little jewels and purses that make me want to be a hippy or throw on some acid wash jeans. This line is mostly only sold online, and as I said, a lot of its vintage. So you’ll probably be the only person wearing this at your outing of choice. The pieces range from $10-$90, with most in the $30 range.


Great Britain based Rapanui is one of the best eco-friendly urban fashion brands around. The clothing line has won multiple awards in entrepreneurship and eco-friendly fashion. The company motto is “What if David Bowie was an eco warrior?” No, the founders of the company Rob & Mart Drake-Knight are not products of the ’80s. Actually, both are still in their 20s. But they want to make sustainable and eco-friendly clothes as trendy as David Bowie’s high heels and lipstick. I want that too. All of their clothes come from factories that are powered by wind and solar energy? Don’t believe me? They have a tool on their website that helps you trace exactly where the clothes come from. There’s even a grade sheet on the website, grading the clothing A to G (G being the worst), on how eco-friendly your purchase is. How do they think of this stuff?! All of the clothing is made from ecotextiles. After looking up what that meant (do people make up these words?), I found out that meant fabrics and textiles that have a reduced carbon, pollution, and energy footprint on the planet. So instead of using plastic, they might use hemp. Pretty cool, and most of the clothes fall into my budget, in the under $40 range.

I have to say, there are so many urban based companies in Great Britain, and not that many in the United States. As an American, I have to say, we’re lagging guys. Come on! We have the fashion capital of the world, it can be eco-friendly as well.

Get the Look
Urban Renewal (just search Urban Renewal in the search tab)


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