Detroit Has A New Fashion ChinaTown Starring Mark Wahlberg

I came into Downtown Detroit yesterday. After once again looking at the now almost pristine downtown Detroit, and remembering the left-for-dead downtown Detroit of my childhood, I noticed something else. Where in the hell did all of these Asian ads come from? I have lived in Detroit most of my life, and although it is very diverse, Detroit does not have a big Asian descent population within the city limits. So the bigger than life ads for Vogue China and Victoria Secret in Mandarin Chinese caught me off guard.

Turns out, Vogue China has not moved their offices to downtown Detroit. Michael Bay is directing Transformers 4, and the shoot for the movie is in Detroit for the next couple of weeks. Since Detroit is not really crazy about movie sets, stalking movie stars and all that, it is not that out of line to see a celebrity or two walking in Downtown Detroit. Mark Wahlberg is the big name on set with this one. Yes, I have had friends see him in Detroit, and even at a certain local church since he is catholic. Since shooting is scheduled to start back soon, security for the set will probably be tight. But for .75 cents, you can ride our local People Mover, the above ground downtown subway, which goes right over the set. See cool shots from the set below.

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