Rihanna and Pharrell Williams Have New Fashion Show On Style Network

Here I am, sitting, watching Giuliana and Bill wondering how the hell Giuliana is still alive and so skinny. I mean…I know she’s Italian, but gee. Then this commercial pops up that I was not expecting at all. This fall Pharrell Williams will host a show that is produced by Rihanna. Clearly Rihanna is trying to get away from her crazy-sexed music image, because in the credits she is using her full name, Robin Rihanna Fenty. The future show is called Styled to Rock.

I actually think, if she does not pull one of her “Chris Brown Tantrums” this could be a good thing. Pharrell Williams is starting to be compared to Clive Davis, ‘The Man With the Golden Years’, who is single-handedly responsible for finding some of the greatest voices of our time like Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. After producing the music for the Oscars and coming up with his own fashion line I realized Pharrell Williams had left the streets and officially become someone of respect in the world of fashion and music.

As for Rihanna, the sidewalk is her runway. The woman has started trends, been ahead of trends, and even brought trends back from the grave. Her stylist is amazing at working with not only her body, but her personality. Rihanna makes a vintage Chanel purse look at home on her arm while coming out of a night club at 2 am and heading for a 24 hour eatery. Not that many people can do that. The girl was born with style, it just took us awhile to notice it.

Apparently, Rihanna has already tried the show, under the same name, on the Sky Living network last year. For those of you in the United States, Sky Living is based in Europe, mostly the UK. It didn’t have that much success. Hopefully with Pharrell Williams on board it will take away the Project Runway-ish feeling and give the show its own flavor.

Cannot wait until this show premieres. I will definitely watch.

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