It Cost Too Much to Dress Eco-Friendly = Finding a Wedding Dress

I consider myself to be an environmentally conscious person. I can’t throw away a piece of paper or a glass bottle without feeling an extreme pang of guilt; I have to recycle it. I try to eat organic and buy locally. But most of all I try to buy recycled clothes and clothes made from organic fibers. Most of the time, the stuff you find in these stores are the items that nobody else is wearing that really make you stand out…not in a good way. More like a “Why the F%$K isn’t she committed yet? Did you see what she was wearing”, kind of way. Or the clothes that you think are eco-friendly are just a rip off to get you to spend more money.

I found this website called Eco Fashion World. I almost cried shouting “Eureka!” This is what I’ve been searching for; a guide to finding eco-friendly stores, designers, and brands. But this must be too good to be true. This site is probably filled with tree huggers selling coffee bean sacks at Diane von Furstenberg prices. I decided to do a little test and see if my wish had been fulfilled or if it was all a hoax. I went to the list of eco-friendly clothing and designers; closed my eyes and clicked on any link my fingers desired, waiting to see a paper dress behind a website window. Fifteen clicks later, I still hadn’t found one. Not all of the brands are amazing but most are pretty nice. I decided to give the site a challenge. I am going to a friend’s wedding around christmas; let’s see, just for kicks, if I can find an eco-friendly bridal gown on this site.

thumbI was taken to a site called Pure Magnolia, a Canadian based company that does ship to the United States. Is it completely eco-friendly? Well, the dresses aren’t made from hemp bags and dyed using egg white shells if that is what you are asking. The designer, Patty Nayel, prides herself on cutting fabric in a way that does not waste. Using sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, lace, and silk. I know you’re thinking, well duh, what dress does not have silk or lace? You would be surprised how many chemicals and non-sustainable fabrics are fused with silk or lace to get those wedding day glows. One of my favorites on the site was a mermaid style wedding dress made out of hemp. It retails for $1900, which is actually cheap. Most wedding dresses today retail for $2500 and up. If you’re going the designer one-of-a-kind route, I highly suggest Leanne Marshall. A Project Runway alum who only uses cotton, bamboo, silk, and hemp to make some of the most beautiful long and short wedding gowns I have ever seen

I was just about to stop searching when I thought, wait, I’m not the bride. What about the bridesmaids and guests like me? What about the groom? Where do they go? Back to Eco Fashion World. I found a very small blog post that said something about Suit Supply. After looking the company up and reading their philosophy, I see the company is very much into fair trade. They only do business with companies that work with the International Labour Organization. That means no sweat shops, no child labour, everyone gets paid, and everyone working has to be in a safe environment.

P1109A_1All that is great, but are the suits stylish and eco-friendly? I clicked through to find out. The site has tons of gorgeous looking men that definitely distracted me from my task for a minute, or five. At the time of this publication, there are only two tuxes on the site that I would consider black tie or formal, perfect for an upscale wedding. My favorite of the two was the Black Plain Tuxedo made entirely out of wool. It retails for $469. If you add the shirt, pants, and accessories that are pictured with the suit, everything together would be about $1035, not including tax. You might be able to get a Tom Ford or Armani suit jacket for the same price, but definitely not an entire suit.

Ok, now onto the most important people at the wedding, the single women…. or the women not in the white dress Looking for bridesmaid and formal dresses that do not look like you’re being carted off to prom ten years later…I thought this would be the easiest of this eco-friendly wedding search. Turned out to be the hardest. Some designers dresses did not look like dresses, but just rolled up blunts dyed purple. Other designers did not really have ‘dresses’ to choose from, but one dress with three different tops and different hem lines. Where is the eco-friendly designer and not just a dressmaker?! If you guys find anything besides TwoBirds, they are great, but have already been covered…just let me know.

Get the Look

Eco Fashion World

Pure Magnolia

Leanne Marshall

Suit Supply

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