Fashion Pick of the Week

Thank God for this cool summer. It’s the fourth of July, and it’s not too hot, with a little bit of crisp air in the morning. I feel like I live in California. Which is why I was too happy to see a picture of a high school buddy in California this week. The girl was styling, and when you know, you know. Fashion Biters, I knew I had to make her my Fashion Pick of the Week.

mel 2The designer of this modern retro swimsuit is Lisa Ho. Unfortunately like greats before her like Betsey Johnson and Isaac Mizrahi, Lisa Ho has declared bankruptcy. Opening a fashion store isn’t what it used to be. So finding this swimsuit is impossible. Too bad too. Lisa Ho was one of the few swimsuit designers that actually gave girls a little bit of support in all the right places (you know what I’m talking about) with her swimsuits. Made swimsuits for not just the stick thin girls, and made everyone else look like they were wearing a circus tent at the beach. I hear Lisa Ho’s line is coming back, but her fashion sense never really left.

Melanie, the girl pictured is wearing swimsuit piece from Lisa Ho’s Spring/Summer 2010 line. I think what makes these two pictures amazing is the hair. As a natural girl myself, I love all the things I can do with it and how curly it looks. Also, we can take a lesson from Melanie here; never be afraid to wear black in the summer. I know some of you are, and trust me on this; focus on the cut and the shape. If you like the color, rock it in any season

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