Roberto Cavalli New Line Celebrates The Young Protester

From the United States, to Egypt, to Sweden, to Turkey the young protester is not just a son or a daughter but a force. It seems this Millenial generation will not be silenced when it comes to civil rights and freedom. We will speak about the injustice and the cause for change. Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli used that spirit in his new A/W 2013 fashion line.

2h4etmhThe line has a lot of furs, tribal designs, and tons of oriental feeling throughout the collection. This fall, I predict a late 1960s early 1970s feel; tons of oversized coats and scarves, knitwear and wool, and bright oranges and reds to tie it all together. Cavalli has all of that plus his well-known pieces that may or may not be lingerie and the plunging v-neck shirts and sweaters for everybody.

Cavalli is famous for his bold prints and not so subtle sexiness. I was expecting that. As you will see by looking at the video below, there is an unnecessary love scene that lasts for like 30 seconds. But I didn’t expect this whole “The truth will be televised”, “We are young and we will be heard” thing from the advertisement campaign. The campaign was hot in Barcelona, Spain with a ton of models like Dominik Bauer and Karlina Caune Is this true? Can fashion really be a screen into our lives and be used as a platform for justice? Cavalli sure seems to think so; its nice to know that high fashion isn’t blind to the world and the movement of the people.

Forget about the 1960s and the Baby Boomers. Our time is now

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