Rihanna Wore a See-Through Shirt and Nothing Else

The fashion news feeds are all abuzz Fashion Biters because Rihanna pretty much showed up to the Chanel Haute Couture A/W 2013 show in Paris naked today. Well, not completely naked. But if you can see a person’s nipples and ass, I consider it to be naked. Rihanna wore and sheer white shirt dress, with only the buttons over her…umm…let’s just say it…vagina buttoned. Letting her bare chest and tanned legs hang out for the world to see. Vogue U.K. has already put this outfit in it’s best of the week

Let’s look at the positives. Rihanna has a really nice Chanel bag. Nipples. The draping of her necklaces and pearls shows really good taste and is a nice accessory play for the outfit. Nipples. I love her pointy black tipped pumps; very Chanel Parisian style. Nipples.

Of course the girl sat front row at the show so everybody could get a look at her goodies. Yes, this is in bad taste, but clearly RiRi is vying for attention. Let’s all be honest, either we want to sleep with Rihanna or look like Rihanna for the person we’re sleeping with. And if Chris Brown didn’t prove she was bat-shit crazy, I’m sure 80% of us would have tried by now. There’s no way anyone but Rihanna could pull this off; looking that good and still being allowed to walk into fashion shows as such by the demigods of fashion. How long will this hold up?

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