Model of the Week

The girl is deep. That was my first thought when coming across this one. Here’s something to all the guys out there that think all those intellectual, beautiful models are just a figment of the imagination; I found one. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret, and the lack of spelling on Twitter I was afraid girls like this didn’t exist anymore. She will probably know she reminds me of a certain lady in a big cartoon movie with fiery red hair, and a charming spirit. Hey, anyone who knows anything about modeling knows you have to be ‘brave’ to stand out. Her name is Bethany Seddon, and she is this Model of the Week.

51b5913a3ed95Scones Clothing Company: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet right now?
Bethany Seddon: My striped Breton jumper. It goes with absolutely everything and it’s a timeless classic. Or my Union Jack jumper from Topshop; because it makes me feel patriotic even though I’m on the other side of the world. I’m definitely a winter baby when it comes to clothes.

SCC: How would you define your personal style?
BS: I like to say it’s a combination of Parisian chic with a dash of 1940’s housewife. I wear a skirt whenever possible.

SCC: A housewife? I don’t believe it! A model who likes to stay at home
BS: I’m such an introvert at heart! I love baking for my family and just any excuse to be feminine and girly.

SCC: Tell me a little about yourself. Where were you born? What’s your educational background?
BS: I was born in the North of England, I then moved to Sydney when I was 5. Then I moved back to the South of England, before moving back to Australia permanently in 2008. I am technically British but that’s a very confusing subject. I graduated 2 years ago and I’m hoping to start university in July.

51bdafbb07bb7SCC: How long have you worked as a model?
BS: For about two years.

SCC: What fashion icons did you/ do you look up to?
BS: Zooey Deschanel, Clemence Poesy, and Grace Kelly.

SCC: Why the love for the classic clothes? You don’t meet that many girls today who like to dress like Grace Kelly
BS: Because classic clothes are the best! There is a reason vintage clothes stores exist. The quality of fabric, the fact most are one-of-a-kind. I also respect the modesty of classic clothes.

SCC: When did you decide to start modeling?
BS: Two years ago, when I modeled in a make-up course for my sister, and I really enjoyed it.

SCC: What was your first show?
BS: At a Breast Cancer awareness runway show in Sydney.

51b59177933b7SCC: What do you like most about being a model?
BS: I like the idea that I am a blank canvas for creative people to decorate and adapt for different concepts.

SCC: What is your favorite thing that you have modeled?
BS: Probably the time I hair modeled and they put leaves in my hair and glued them to my face (haha).

SCC: I know one of the great things about doing shows are you get to try out some really cool products. Anything beauty or hair products that you totally love now?
BS: I love Dior addict lipsticks; they don’t dry out my lips like some others. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation because it looks really natural and smells amazing!

SCC: What do you like least about being a model?
BS: The pressure to look perfect; you don’t really get days off.

QZqR3mNMbB4fcdlrQKYpoku2GjkhhVfvCGpp2aOxA08,lCLD4wiPKZtUuI6qB1dSs4VsOOdAMJurI1z2FHxOiH8,SI0lhEuw0qWzdd9cmBL9ED98tA3U9GzLLHuLVU1ECHsSCC: What are your goals in the fashion industry?
BS: To model for bigger brands and to eventually be someone else’s fashion icon!

SCC: If you could model for any brand, who would it be?
BS: Chanel.

SCC: What do you think makes you stand out?
BS: Well my hair colour and the curls. My features are quite plain which I think makes me very versatile to any style.

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