Did You See the Fashion on Pretty Little Liars? Turn of the Shoe

emilys-cropped-jacket-pllUmm…who told Emily’s character she could dress all sexy and grunge like? I thought we were going for the lesbian with no style all wild approach. Nice improvement this week Pretty Little Liars stylist Mandi Line! First piece I wanted to grab right out of this episode was the cropped army jacket Emily’s character wore. One of the things I love about Pretty Little Liars is the fashion stylist for the show, Line, tries to shop at the rich boutiques and the stores these girls would hit up if they were really sixteen and living in America right now. This great jacket, which can be worn up or down is $20 and can be found at Topshop. And who gave Emily’s character this bag and didn’t give it to me?!
Outfit Details:
Jacket: Cropped Army Jacket by Topshop

hannas-orange-jacket-silver-jeans-neon-stud-top-336x580The day I stop dreaming about being in Hanna’s closet is probably the day I’m in Hanna’s closet. The girls wardrobe is just too fierce, imaginary person, character, whatever. The chick looks good in what she wears. Did anyone else notice a color theme in this episode? All of the characters seem to stay in the same color hues throughout the episode. It seems like Hanna was stuck in the land of orange and sea green. Let’s start off with the cool orange jacket. I get the feeling I could wear this at a rock concert or walking into Saks on fifth avenue and feel like the diva in either setting. It’s a motorcycle jacket from one of my favorite online stores Free People. Those nice silver leggings that are just dying for a night at the club are from Bar III. Haven’t heard of them yet, but since they are on Pretty Little Liars, I guess we can expect more in the future. The thing that ties the whole outfit together is the studded top. It’s a camisole by Silence and Noise
Outfit Details:
Jacket: Linen moto jacket by Free People
Jeans: Skinny Metallic coated denim jeans by Bar III
Top: Pastel Studded Cami by Silence & Noise at Urban Outfitters

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