Fashion Pick of the Week

Mariah Carey is known for being a diva with a voice that’s high enough to shatter some glass and break world records. But the married mother of two is staying in good shape in her forties. Which is why she can posts pictures like the one above to her Twitter account without photo-shop (that we know of). Fashion Biters, stop looking at her boobs and look at her clothes. She’s my Fashion Pick of the Week.

I’ve seen these bathing suits before, but I think Mariah Carey is in on a trend right now. I think women, especially American women, are tired of only having two choices for bathing suits; bikinis or one pieces. No, not all of us were given that Victoria Secret flawless body, so we cannot just walk out of the house in a stamp on our ass and a string to hold it together. But that doesn’t mean that we want to look like we are grandmothers in the 1950s with these sometimes dreadful one piece swimsuits. Many this summer are choosing to go the monokini route. What’s a monokini? In today’s terms it’s used to describe a top bathing suit piece and a bottom connected with strings or bands around the body.

Carey posed for these shots on the island of Capri in stunning Italy while shooting a music video for her hit song, Beautiful featuring Miguel. Carey posted the collage to her Twitter account on Monday. Looks like quitting American Idol has gotten her in shape.

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