Dolce & Gabbana Might Be Designing in Prison Next Year

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana may become the newest Italian prison designers if they don’t watch out. Last week, the two famous designers were convicted of tax evasion in the Italian government. The verdict is a long time coming, since the two have been suspected of tax evasion since 2004 when they sold their most profitable clothing lines to Gado Srl. Selling your company is a lot more expensive than it sounds, and it is reported that the two may or may not have changed a few numbers on their taxes to make it appear they did not sell as much as they did, to avoid paying for the Gado Srl transaction.

The two could face 20 months in prison. I know you’re thinking, “All that for some measly paperwork?” Keep in mind these gentleman have changed the paperwork to avoid paying a suspected one billion euro. That’s one million three hundred thousand American dollars. Yeah, doesn’t look so measly and small anymore.

Under Italian law, the two will not go to jail because the sentence is too short, but could be sentenced to house arrest and put on probation for the next five years with their records cleaned after their probation for good behavior. The lawyer for the defense has stated that the charges have no merit, and the two designers will fight for an appeal.

Why do rich folks always do this? You know, for a long time, I was afraid to pay taxes because the rich always made it seem so dreadful. They’re always going to jail trying to avoid it. Once I actually sat down and did my taxes, I found out that there are a lot of loopholes and ways to get your money back from the government legally. Pay your taxes people. If not for you, for the student that is dreaming about being something creative, and is dying for an education. Make sure his public school can afford to give him one.

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